Today is a good day. The sun, she is ‘a shining, the productivity, she is ‘a flowing. And my post, A Space to Create, was Freshly Pressed. What makes that especially fun for me is the opportunity to share that feeling with you guys through something I call…
Freshly Press Yourself Iron
For those of you who are long-time readers, you know the drill. For new friends (welcome!), here’s how it works:
Freshly Press Yourself is a chance to share a post from your own blog, make new blogging friends, and possibly grow your readership. I can’t help you get Freshly Pressed (nor am I in any way associated with the WordPress powers that be) but I can help you share your stuff with a very cool audience of Truth and Cake readers. As bloggers, we’re all looking to connect with new people and get our work out there, so here’s your chance. Go for it.
To participate, follow these 5 steps:
1) Choose a post–your favorite, your most popular, your least popular. It can be funny, helpful, visual or heartfelt–anything original and worth a read.
2) Link to your post in the comments section of this post. Include a *brief* and enticing description of your post.
3) Read the comment directly above your own and then click through to read and comment on that person’s post.
4) Choose two other posts (any you like) and read and comment on those  posts as well–please comment directly on people’s blogs, not in the comments section. That’s a total of blogs to read and comment on. (Feel free to read as many as you like. Remember, the more you visit and comment on other blogs, the likelier you are to have the favor returned!)
5) If you like what you read, go ahead and subscribe to those blogs.
I’ll choose three fabulous posts to feature next week on Truth and Cake! Past features include:

The Blackbird Whistling
You can check out past Freshly Press Yourself posts and comments for inspiration and clarification:
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And you can find a roundup of the featured posts here:
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This is a fun opportunity to connect with fellow bloggers and possibly grow your readership. Some posts see a big uptick in comments and likes. *A little tip: the quicker you are, the more likely you are to get visits to your blog. Early posters see the most traffic.*
You can post your link in the comments section through Saturday, July 20. I’ll feature three blog posts on Monday, July 22. Have fun! I can’t wait to read your awesome posts.
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