1 Year Truth and Cake
Truth and Cake is celebrating its first birthday!
I have this little five year journal where I write a few lines each day. It’s a writer’s trick so that I don’t forget dates and places and important things when I sit down to write about them, but it’s also pretty illuminating to compare what you were doing and thinking about a year (or two or three) ago to what you’re doing today. On February 29 (leap year), I wrote in my little journal, “Do I want to start a blog?” One week later, I wrote, “Yes.” And on March 26, after a cupcake/ pig photoshoot and a little html tinkering, I hit publish on my first ever blog post.
Two days later, I posted “What Did You Give Up To Get What You Got?” and watched as thousands of people poured in from all over the world. Many of you who commented on that post are still here today, regularly contributing your thoughts and ideas. I so look forward to seeing your tiny picture pop up in the comments section as I think, “I wonder what Marsella or Scott or Jessica or Claire or Kristy or Tobi or insert name of fabulous reader/blogger here have to say.” I love chatting with you.
And oh, how we’ve chatted: about marriage and creativity and perfectionism and oversharing and stealing like an artist and just being plain awesome.
45,654 words and 4,121 comments later, my baby blog is growing into a rambunctious, busy toddler.
Year 1 Truth and Cake
One little world can open the door to so many happy possibilities.
I want to thank each and every one of you for sharing your thoughts, for commenting a little or a lot, for making my blog a part of your weekly reading routine.
Truth and Cake just wouldn’t be as delicious (or as honest) without you.

You Take The Cake

Onward to year 2!