Freshly Pressed again? At first I thought I was on the TV show Punk’d and Ashton Kutcher was going to jump out of my hotel bathroom at any moment. Then I remembered I’m not famous and assumed it was a combination of sun stroke and the two four Mai Tais I had just consumed.
My penchant for tropical drinks aside, I’m stoked. Know why? It’s time for another round of Freshly Press Yourself!

Your shirt looks a little wrinkled. Can I offer you a bit of spray starch?

If you’re new to Truth and Cake, here’s a little background:  I hosted the first “Freshly Press Yourself” in July as an opportunity for fellow bloggers to gain more exposure and share their best posts. While I can’t offer you actual freshly pressedness (nor am I in any way affiliated with the cool folks at WordPress), I can offer you a bunch of fantastic, talented, smart Truth and Cake readers who would love to get to know you and your blog.
The nature of blogging necessitates that we churn out post after post and, unfortunately, so many of those posts don’t get the attention and readership that they deserve. Maybe you wrote something three months ago that you wish had gotten more views. Maybe you’re really proud of last week’s post. Or perhaps you’re looking for new subscribers and new blogs to read. Well, until the WordPress gods come knocking, here’s your shot. The spotlight’s on you.
Here’s how it works: 
1) Pick one of your best posts, something  you think will resonate with Truth and Cake readers– it can be funny or serious, insightful or light hearted, but it should definitely be very you
2) In the comments section below, give us a brief summary of and direct link to your post. 
3) This part is slightly different from last time: If you choose to participate (ie: share your post in the comments section), you agree to read and comment on the post directly above your own as well as two more of your choosing. That’s a total of three blog posts. Please comment on those blogs directly. 
4) If you like what you read, go ahead and subscribe to that blog. 
5) I’ll read through your posts and select THREE to feature next Thursday, December 13 here on Truth and Cake. 
Here are the three fabulous blog posts chosen last time around:

The Blackbird Whistling

The Bookshelf of Emily J
Paper Keeper

Don’t be shy! This worked out really well for many past participants. I (and my fellow bloggers) can’t wait to see what awesomeness you’ve been up to!