Thanks for entering my Book Giveaway throughout the week, and for following me on Facebook and Twitter! If you didn’t enter, keep reading because there’s still a post after all the excitement and fanfare die down (there’s also a blindfolded pig–that alone is worth forging ahead). The votes are tallied, the Pig has spoken. He promised me he didn’t peek.

The Pig has special Giveaway training. He’s a professional.

Without further ado…

Technically, that should say “And the Winners Are” but it wouldn’t fit just didn’t have the same ring to it.

Congratulations, Julie, Marsella and Little Navy Fish! You’ve each won a copy of “The Casual Vacancy” by J.K. Rowling. When you have a moment, please shoot me an email at: thetruthandcake [at] gmail [dot] com. Let me know whether you’d prefer a hard copy or an ebook, and (if the former) please provide me with your mailing address!
Thank you so much to everyone who followed, liked and welcomed me with really sweet messages over the past few days. I have to be honest: self promotion makes me uncomfortable. We’re so inundated with “stuff” all of the time–ideas, emails, spam, requests for our resources. All of these demands for our attention make us wary, quick to hit “delete,” quicker to close a browser.
But behind those requests to like something or retweet something or read something is a person. And that person is going out on a limb, hoping someone will click the button or read the post and say, “Hey, that’s cool.” Every opinion we voice, every tweet we send, every time we click publish/submit/post, we’re putting more of ourselves out there for scrutiny. Some people will like what they see and others will say, “That’s not for me.” It’s hard not to take it personally, but we musn’t.
It’s so important to get out in the world, to not hold back or, worse yet, totally abstain because we’re worried what people will think of us or that we’ll mess up. Because we are going to mess up. Sometimes royally.
But our lives only grow in proportion to the risks we take. And blogging is risky, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Anyone who sends their ideas out into the universe on a regular basis for the world to scrutinize is taking a big risk.
When I first started blogging, I had trouble sleeping. I stopped auto-posting for a while because I would magically wake up at 4 or 6 am when my post went live to worry about a misplaced comma. Now things are a lot easier (and I’m sleeping more soundly). I know that I won’t always hit a home run. But regardless of what people think, my blog is a reflection of who I am. And who I am becomes clearer to me every time I hit “Post.”
I hope you have something like that, something that pushes you to get out into the world and be more “you.” Whether it’s a blog or a club or just posting your thoughts on Facebook. Whatever the forum, keep speaking up, keep climbing out on that limb. It really does get easier the more you do it.
As I continue to blog, I’m trying on different hats: I’d never sent a tweet in my life before last Sunday. It was a brand new hat and I thank you for humoring me and telling me it looked flattering. I hope more of you will join me on Twitter and Facebook as I settle in and get comfortable with Social Media, Truth and Cake style.
The contests are over for a while. It’s back to writing for me. That’s my preferred method of climbing out on a limb. What’s yours?