Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you’re getting back into the swing of things, kicking butt and taking names. Today’s a big day here at Truth and Cake. Not only did I survive the Super Spartan Race without breaking anything (wasn’t sure I’d be able to make that claim today, whew!), but I’ve also taken the leap into social media.
Truth and Cake is now on Facebook and Twitter! I’ve received a few emails recently asking about my Facebook page and if I would like to connect on Twitter. And…cue the crickets. “Oh, yeah,” I’d think. “Good idea.”  I often have links and cool ideas that don’t make it into a blog post that I’d like to share with you…

So, voilå! Here’s a new way for us to connect outside of the blog. I’m pretty excited and think it will be a great opportunity to interact with and get to know all of you a bit better. It’s also a place where I plan to share some of my favorite blog posts every week –I’d love to tweet about your cool ideas and wonderful writing. So, click like on my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and let’s get this party started!
To celebrate, I’m giving away THREE copies of J.K. Rowling’s new book, “The Casual Vacancy.” It’s the book on my Fall Reading List that I’m most anxious to get my paws on. I know that many of you are just as excited about Rowling’s first foray into adult literature.

So, here’s how it works. Do one or more of the following (you get one entry for each):
1) Click here and “Like” Truth and Cake on Facebook
2) Click here and “Follow” Truth and Cake on Twitter
3) Leave a comment on this post telling me one thing that you actually look forward to on Monday mornings (what’s the bright spot that gets you through the Monday blues?–mine is coffee and an early morning walk with my husband before the day gets busy). In your comment, let me know if you also did steps 1 or 2 (I won’t be able to properly credit you otherwise).
Winners will be chosen in a random draw. The contest closes at 12 pm PST on Thursday, September 27 (that’s the day “The Casual Vacancy” is released!). I’ll announce the three winners on Friday, September 28.
*For clarification, you don’t have to do all three, you get one entry for each. Doing all three steps triples your chances of winning. REMEMBER TO LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS SECTION IF YOU DID STEPS 1 OR 2 SO I CAN CREDIT YOU WITH THE CORRECT NUMBER OF ENTRIES. And, of course, you’re more than welcome to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter without entering at all!
Thanks for playing. I can’t wait to start chatting with you on Facebook and Twitter!