Why, hello! I see a lot of pretty new faces out there. Thanks for checking out my post about social media and signing up to follow Truth and Cake. Welcome to my party for you. Getting Freshly Pressed is a lot of fun because it introduces me to so many amazing new people. I’ve been lucky enough to have it happen twice since I started this little old blog just over three months ago, and I want to share some of that love with you.
One of the unfortunate things about blogging is that a lot of really talented people pour their heart and souls into creative, well-written posts on a regular basis, only to hit publish and then…..crickets. Nada. Without an audience, some really great posts go virtually unnoticed. While the cream eventually rises to the top, it can take a very long time for people to notice that you are the cream.
So, I’m inviting you to Freshly Press yourself.

While I can’t offer you instant fame and fortune (or actual freshly pressedness), I can offer you an audience of over 1,000 people who may just be interested in what you have to say.
Here’s how it works: 
1) Pick one of your best posts, something  you think will resonate with Truth and Cake readers– it can be funny or serious, insightful or light hearted. But it should definitely be creative and very you
2) In the comments section below, give us a brief summary of and direct link to your post (I’ll be patrolling my spam folder to make sure your inclusion of a link doesn’t stick you in spam purgatory—unless you spam me, in which case, you stay there). I’d also love to know where you’re from, if you’re inclined to share.  
3) If you choose to participate (ie: share your post in the comments section), you agree to read and comment on at least three other blog posts. Please comment on their blogs directly.
5) If you like what you read, go ahead and subscribe to that blog. 
This is your opportunity to connect with others, share something you’ve written and possibly grow your readership. And isn’t that a big part of why we’re all here in the first place?
For me, one of the very best parts of blogging has been watching a community form. I visit my reader’s blogs and see that they’ve developed relationships outside of Truth and Cake. They leave comments for one another, they have an ongoing discourse, they’ve become blogging friends. That’s something I never anticipated when I started this blog. It is, for lack of a better word, awesome.
I want all of us to succeed as bloggers. Here, at the very least, is a chance to make new friends. So go ahead and show us what you’ve got. Give us the good stuff. And if you’re really new, no worries, we want to hear from you too. (Oh, and if you’re not a blogger, hey–here’s some new reading material for you!)
As an added bonus, I’ll peruse your posts and choose three that resonate with me to feature on Truth and Cake next week. Instant fame! Instant fortune! Okay, just a lot of love and warm fuzzies. I look forward to reading your fantastic posts. Have a great weekend!