…Me to catch up on all of my neglected homework: pay bills, tidy up, renew my car insurance, drink more water, go to yoga class, call my family members, re-stock my blog ideas, back up my computer. I’ve turned into Super-Productivity-Robot-Rian, so I don’t have many insightful or creative words to share with you today. When I’m in nitty-gritty mode (which isn’t nearly as often as I’d like), my impulse is to tell you to pay your bills, tidy up, renew your car insurance, drink more water, go to yoga class, call your family members, re-stock your blog ideas, and back up your computer. But you’ve done all of that already, right?
Well, before you yell at me through your computer screen run off to get all of your chores done, I’ll share a few real cows with you. Or, rather, photos of cows. After our fantabulous trip to NYC, we flew further down the coast to visit my mom and stepdad in Virginia. They live halfway between Richmond and Charlottesville. And, while we usually spend all of our time in Richmond, on this trip we decided to galavant around Charlottesville, the lovely hometown of both Thomas Jefferson and Dave Matthews. It turned into a pretty presidential weekend, as we toured Monticello (the home of Thomas Jefferson) and went to a wine festival on the grounds of James Monroe’s house. Charlottesville is an interesting mix of old and new, conservative and liberal. It’s home to the gorgeous University of Virginia and lots of yummy, modern takes on Southern food (There I go with the food again. What can I say? A girl’s got to eat.). Main Street is home to tons of cool boutiques and tiny restaurants, so it’s a great starting point if you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods.
Without further ado: some cows, some old mansions, and a heck of a lot of greenery…

Happy Weekend!