Ahh, New York City. Every time I go, I have to fight the urge to pitch a tent in Central Park and call it a life. I never get bored, never grow weary of the grime, the people, the noise, the hustle. I love the never-ending possibilites and constant evolution. After Paris, it’s probably my favorite city in the world.
Our recent trip was jam-packed with art, parks, shopping, socializing, and food. So much food. I was ready to burst by the time I rolled myself onto the airplane. New York has amazing food. So, while I could wax poetic about the millions of things to see and do in NYC, I’m going to focus on all that’s edible. Here are a few must-try spots next time you find yourself in New York City:
abc kitchen: Oh, please go and eat here. It’s like a darkly lit, industrial-modern piece of foodie heaven. We ordered a ton and then we ordered more. And then we ordered dessert. I’m pretty sure that the four of us consumed the food of ten people. Oh, but it was so worth it. Certain dishes, like the mushroom and farm egg pizza and the ricotta with rhubarb, made me want to cry with happiness. You have to book way in advance to avoid a senior citizen seating of 5 pm, so if you know you’re going to take a trip to New York, call right away.
Eataly: Eataly is a giant market in the Flatiron where they sell what they make and they make what they sell. If you like Italian food, this is a can’t-miss stop in New York. You can wander among aisles of chocolate, cheese, fresh pasta, oils, and seafood and take something home to make your very own feast. Or, if you’re lazy (like we were), just walk up to any of the fabulous counters and drool watch while the chefs whip up a trio of crostini and some fresh pasta. And did I mention the wine? Yeah, I may have consumed a bit of that.
Peasant: On our trip, we were visiting and staying with my dear friend and college roommate. Her husband is Italian and he works at a fabulous restaurant in Nolita called Peasant where we ate on our last night in the city. Everything was so good–the vibe, the food, the people, the wine. There’s a big, gorgeous, fiery oven peeking out of the kitchen in the back. Try the asparagus with egg, the gnocchi, and the bread pudding.
Ladurée: Yep, I mentioned this one a couple of posts ago. Now that I’ve visited the New York store, I’ll let you know that they do not have the beloved, to-die-for pastries that they carry in Paris. But they do have macarons galore. That, and the girly beauty, are reason enough to pay them a visit. I’ll clue you into the best flavors so that you don’t waste your time on the less-than-stellar. They are, in no particular order: salted caramel, lemon, coconut, raspberry, rose. Hey, it’s just an opinion. But, based on quantity consumed, I sort of know what I’m talking about.
Japadog: Japadog is a Vancouver insitution that’s just opened up shop in NYC. Anyone who knows me knows that I rave about Japadog. And I am not a hot dog person. I am, however, a fusion person, and Japadog does fusion brilliantly. Their dogs come adorned with seaweed, wasabi mayo, daikon, and Japanese noodles. And they’re delicious.
The Raines Law Room: No food here, just drinks. If you’re looking for something low-key and super cool to do after dinner, check out this underground speakeasy. It’s not marked, so make sure you have the address. The drinks are killer, and it feels like you’ve gone back to a swankier, more sophisticated time.
And now for a visual recap of our fantastic trip–the food, the rain, the art, the rest:

That’s a wrap. I think I’m going to go and pitch that tent now…