The Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for playing!
Hello smart, pretty people! I hope you’re all doing well in your various corners of the world. I’ve been thinking lately about how much fun blogging is and how cool it is to share my thoughts and words with so many interesting, kind, communicative bloggers and friends. I have never had a dull day of blogging. I’ve never dreaded it or worried that no one would have an opinion because I’ve been fortunate enough to have you guys along for the ride from day one (okay, it was actually day two). And I don’t take it for granted for a single second.
My restorative yoga teacher says, “Thank you” after every request he makes of us to try a new pose. This used to irritate the heck out of me. He would say, “Please bring your right leg under your left and flex your right foot. Thank you so much.” He sounded like a broken record, and I wondered why he was thanking me for doing exactly what I was supposed to do. One day, he finally explained himself by saying that he thanks us for trying each new thing because it’s an invitation, not an expectation. He’s thanking us for trusting him and trying something out. We don’t have to do any of it. We don’t even have to show up. But we do. And he’s grateful. His thank you’s stopped irritating me so much after that.
“Thank you” is such a simple little phrase that it’s almost lost its meaning. We say thank you when people pass us salt, when someone gives us a gift we don’t particularly like, even when someone pays us a backhanded compliment. It’s easy to take it for granted or not really hear it, let alone say it with any amount of sincerity. But I want to say it to you today. Because it means a lot to me that you read my blog, that you share my posts on facebook, and that you engage in interesting, spirited conversations in the comments section. I’m still just starting out, working towards hitting my stride. But it’s so much fun to blog with you guys by my side.
So, without further ado…

If you’re asking yourself if I was just looking for an opportunity to take pictures with my beloved pig and a bunch of gold confetti, I can neither confirm nor deny your suspicions.
Okay, now for the good stuff!
Several of you mentioned that you’d like to read “Steal Like an Artist” after my last post. It got my wheels turning. I want you to read it too! And then I remembered Jules’ fantastic giveaway post over at Go Guilty Pleasures. And I thought, “Aha, a giveaway!” Jules is a super funny, fabulous blogger whom you should commence stalking immediately. Her giveaway includes a chocolate bacon bar, which I really can’t compete with. But I want to give you the thing I love most, which is words. So, here we go, the first ever Truth and Cake Giveaway!

Serious brain food and pigs in bows. There's winning a contest and there's winning at life. This is both.

I’m giving away TWO sets of:
* “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon
* “The Creative Habit” by Twyla Tharp
* A miniature pig for your very own
And a couple of other fun surprise Truth and Cake goodies.

If you’re a blogger, a writer, or a creative type of any kind, “The Creative Habit” could change your life. It changed mine; It helped me finally take a leap of faith and start this blog.
So, what do you have to do to win one of these prizes?
Well, you don’t have to tweet or facebook share or even tell me that I’m pretty (though all of those things would, and always do, make my day). Just “Like” this post and tell me one true, funny thing about yourself in the comments section. I’ll pick TWO winners based on the overall truthcakiness of the answer. And then, if you win, wherever you live in the world, I’ll send you the prize (unless you live on a desert island with no post office–sorry, I don’t have a boat). Winners will be announced on Monday, so you have all weekend to think of something good. That’s all there is to it! It’s like the easiest contest ever!
It’s my small way of saying thanks for showing up and coming along for the ride. Here’s to many more tiny leaps of faith…